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   Catalogues and Data sheet

Catalogue of Outdoor Lighting




Data sheet of  Fountain Light

 Download (1.41M)



Data sheet of 3W underwater light

 Download (1.60M)


Date sheet of Par56 swimming pool light/Spa light

 Download (1.46M)



Date sheet of concrete wall mounted pool light

 Download (1.5M)


Data sheet of vinyl pool light wall mounted light

 Download (1.60M)



   Catalogues and Data sheet

Date sheet of DMX512 RGB controller

  Download (444kb)


Date sheet of RGB Remote control  

 Download (442KB)



Date sheet of RGB External control way


  Download (325KB)


Date sheet of Fiberglass pool light


 Download (3.1M)



Data sheet of WIFI controller


 Download (3.1M)


Data sheet of RF Switch and Remote Control

 Download (3.1M)