LED Inground Light

The Inground lights is a good choice for the garden light, and landcape light, we also called it LED Floor light, LED Spot light. 
The inground light adpots High power LED or SMD LEDs as the light sourse, there are many advantages when compares to the normal inground light, such as energy-saving, environment protection, high brightness, anti-shork, anti-vibration, purity color, and long lifespan, about 50,000 hours. 
With IP67 rank and-20 ~45 working temperature ℃ ℃ ,the inground lights can adapt to a variety of
indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity difference. They can be widely used in decoration of the
buildings, stage, ancient buildings, shopping malls, hotel, cultural place and so on. 
Greenough Enterprises Co., Ltd. is a professional inground light supplier. Please feel free to contact us for complete detail and data sheet.
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