Digital LED Strip Light

LED Digital Strip Light/RGB waterproof strip light

LED Digital Strip Light is a new technology widely used for decoration, it is more and more widely used in pool light, underwater lights,we also called it Digital LED Strip Light; Digital RGB Addressable LED Weatherproof Strip; Dream RGB LED Strip Light; Digital Intelligent LED strips; 
FLEXIBLE led Ribbon Light;  RGB LED Digital Strip Light; Digital LED Strip Light Kits; Programmable LED strip Lights; 5050RGB LED strip Light; 
Digital Addressable Led Strip.; Addressable RGB LED strip Light.

Digital RGB LED Strip Lights utilize onboard IC chips that allows the user to fully customize color, brightness, speed,
 and timing of individual lights through DMX software or pre-programmed controllers.

There are some different IC to used in our Digital LED strip light, say LPD6803;TM1809;WS2812B;INK1003;WS2811;TM1812;WS2801 etc.

Digital intelligent  RGB LED flexible Light Strip, usually it is in 5 Meters, 5050SMD,  DC5V Input or DC12V Input, IP67 Waterproof, every 2LEDs can be cuttable.

DIY - easy to install with 3M adhesive backing Can be white, 
coloured or multifunction Create effects that emulate flowing water, a shooting star, curtains .

RGB LED Digital strip Light can also be useful, lighting up a dim drawer or making a stuffed fridge brighter.
These are some of the coolest uses we've seen.

Product Features:

1) Energy saving and environment protection.

2) High brightness 5050 SMD LED light strip.

3) Uniformity of light, soft glow in a row, rich colors.

4) Low power consumption, high intensity.

5) Difficult to shock broken, convenient transport.

6) Match the RGB controller and power supplier system.

7) Wide viewing angle.

8) Available in various single and RGB colors.

Product Applications:

1) Light up colorful home life, DIY household lights for hallways, stairs, trails ,windows.
2) Hotels decoration use,Theaters, clubs, shopping malls, festivals and performances use.
3) Architectural decorative lighting,Archway, canopy and bridge edge lighting, Security lighting and Emergency. 
4) Extensively applied in Backlighting for signage letters, concealed lighting and advertisement sign lighting.
5) Applicable for automobile & Airplane model decoration, contour lighting or border. 

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