LED Floor light/Step light/Deck light for yoru stairs

 How to install the floor light/step light/stair light/Build-in light in the house?

As night approached, what is the house floor of your home looking like? Is this still the case as below photo? Do you want to install some floor light on your stairs?



Perhaps, you will say, gosh, no, no, how can such horror? Our step light looks so cute at night.

Well, anyway, the stairs are in your house! At least, there are stairs in your house too. As for the appearance of your home stairs at night, how many people will pay attention to their own stairs at night it, let alone lights up.

In the initial renovation home, they usually accustomed to set in the hidden corners of the lighting at home and in the ceiling, but how often will focus on those lamps and lighting effect?

Also we have much inground light, floor light, step light, strip light, linear profile for reference.


All in all, let’s look at someone's home or staircase lighting?



In fact, we can add an optical path in the corridor of your home, though it isn’t necessarily suitable for every family, but it can make the corridor even more interesting and safer to walk at night.


There are some decoration way for step light/stair light/floor light.

1. Setting tiny In ground light to the side of the wall,

the in ground light should be fitted with a small light, so it won’t dazzle, also it is a simple design to install it with a warm light under the premise of changing lighting, and looks like a starry.

Take a closer look at these orderly small box, if you don’t want it too shinny, it can only open unilateral, and adjust the brightness of the light.


The main characteristics of such a small cabin room, the corridor lighting design is at some distance to install a small box, small box revealing light.


Some families are acquired every few stairs light artillery, it was installed under the magnificent lighting and wood intersection, all of it looks more charming.

2.  Setting every inch of floor light between the stepping,.

Another good practice is to have every step of the step edge with aluminum line profile, line lights, strip light, as long as your home is designed with grooves or edges of stairs, this was not a big problem.


But it is not recommended for installation directly on the surface, because it makes every step has an edge protruding inconvenient to walk, there is a unique design is the use of light to connect each of the two steps, coupled with both sides of the lamp, it like walking in a time tunnel.

If the corridor is wide and flat, then a mild and comfortable light are recommend..

If you happen to someone at home is to use the corridor made of glass, like floating in the air, giving it added a light, the whole effect becomes more fantastic.

If we simply use the linear light to the edge of the corridor surrounded by all, is not to make you feel even more amazing?

The suspension gear hanging corridor, estimated more attractive to your eye. We usually use strip lightings combines on these steps for models wooden corridor to dash light, also we can add linear strip light or some indirect light to the middle of the steps or strips.

3. Illumination all the way up the railing, Bare stroll dance in his way along handrails.


Designer decorated corridor, they will usually be the armrest design, at this point you should also think of, you can also devote some thought on the armrest, say adding a longer profile linear light to it, immediately illuminate the entire corridor ,take this corridor for example, black and white intersection, minimalist design.


To be noted is that the wall is better not to have twists or folds; it is easy to affect the lighting effects.

 Subtle variations of this approach is to turn the lamp mounted above the baffle, and will have another very interesting results, especially next to the wall surface is used directly as a brick when this effect is more beautiful.

Finishing above examples, which one are you interested in? Light illumination, not only allows you to bid farewell to the dark house, and can protect the family, it is possible to reduce the damage caused when walking in a dark environment, but also allow the family more dazzling.

We have much kind of inground light and step light and stair light for decoration, if you have any requirement, please feel free to contact us.