LED Fish Attracting Light

LED Boat light/Fish light attractor which uses green light to structure above water or underwater to attract fishes.
Greenough Fishing Lights manufactures high quality, energy efficient, water proof lights for both “above water” and “underwater” applications.

Greenough Fishing Lights adopts high output LEDs for great fish attracting capability.
The fish attracting capability of our high output LED dock lights will enhance fishing, and just watching fish, right off your dock for the entire family.

Factors such as water depth, clarity, boat traffic, and the desired appearance of the illuminated area should be considered
when choosing the best suited dock light.IF POSSIBLE, it's always better to use (2) green fish lights compared to (1) green fish light in most
circumstances.  Using two lights spread 3' to 4' apart will give you a much wider radius of light
and will allow more fisherman to fish in different zones of the light.  However, if you have a
smaller boat, one underwater fish light will provide sufficient light.

LED fishing light is with high efficiency, light efficiency can reach to 130-170LM/W, light irradiation angle of 360 degrees,

Light source loss of small, light all into the water, enhanced fish effect. No external connection rectifier, lamp circuit for capacitive circuit,

More matching with AC generator inductive circuit. Light water treatment. Imported brand lamp LG2835 lamp, long life
50000 hours. 2 years warranty , product life maintenance.

AC200-240V  IP68 LED Under Water Fishing Light / Fish attractor For Sea Boat have much features as below:


1: Micprocessor control technology

2: Super britht SMD2835 LED, built in power supply

3: 30Meters Cable attached(Black or Yellow colors for cables are available)

4: 1 fish using phototaxis, attract fish special fishing, aquaculture, fishing lamps.

5: Available power is in 850W 1750W 2500W

6. Wide beam angle of 360 degrees, down directly into the water, maximize the use of light.

7.easy to install, power supply cord directly access 220V alternating current can be used without rectifier.

8.waterproof IP68, not afraid of rain, salt corrosion.

9.Average power consumption of 6 days: 15 degrees (10 hours per day).

10.suitable for sea fishing night fishing lure fish.
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