LED Underwater Light

LED underwater Light is good choice both for lumination and for landcape. We also call it :LED Underwater Light; 

LED Underwater Boat Light; Underwater Fish Light; Underwater Marine Light; Underwater Dock Lights;
Led Aquarium Lighting; Submersible Led Lights; 12V LED Lights; Underwater Pool Light; Navigation Lights; Bule Led Underwater Lights; Fishing Lights; Exterior Light; Outdoor Lights; Landscape LED Lights;.

LED underwater light is designed with the most extreme conditions in mind with high grade stainless components to ensure the product will be resistant to corrosion. Also we use the super bright and high quality LED as light source to keep it with loner lifespan.
The underwater  lights adpots High power LED/ COB/SMD as the light sourse, there are many advantages when compare to the hologen inground light, such as low energy-saving, environment protection, high brightness, anti-shork, anti-vibration, purity color, and long lifespan, about 50,000 hours. This model of underwater light has fashionable in design. High quality material with 304#/316# stainless steel. Waterproof grade IP68 protection. 

Underwater lights can be used for many purposes, like lighting up your home pond.
They can also be used on a boat to attract fish, or to search the bottom of a lake or pond.
Photographers use underwater lights to capture images several fathoms deep,
where sunlight does not penetrate as well. Since there are so many uses, 
it is smart to make your own homemade underwater lights to suit your specific need.

Greenough Enterprises Co., Ltd. is a professional underwater light supplier. Please feel free to contact us for complete detail and date sheet.
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