LED Linear Light

The Inground Linear Light is an LED luminaire designed for ground-recessed lighting applications, including asymmetric wall washing, grazing, and linear wayfinding. We also called it LED Linear; LED Linear strip, LED Linear bulbs.  Outdoor LED Inground Light / Landscape Lights is with RGB color orsingle color , and high power LED in.

An innovative, plug and play design simplifies installation, protecting the system from water infiltration and ensuring long-lasting performance. 
Featuring second generation LED technology, the Inground Linear is available in many different sizes (say 1", 2", 3" and 4"), with a wide choice of outputs, color temperatures, color-mixing systems, optics and controls. 
A unique asymmetric distribution is also available, providing exceptional uniformity and brightness for walls and signage.

There is a hot selling frameles inground Linear; This attractive 24v LED in-ground linear light features sturdy stainless steel construction and a trim less frame in order to make the light look seamless when in ground. It is also available in RGB colors. Great for decorative outdoor environments such as pathways and water features.

The Inground Linear Light Color Changing is a high-performance linear LED luminaire designed for colorful asymmetric wall washing, grazing and linear wayfinding. 
The luminaire offers a wide number of options, including a choice of optics; RGB & RGBW color mixing;
 various mounting options, finishes and accessories; and dimming control via DMX.

Our LED Linear Light are a high quality landscape fixture designed for in-ground lighting applications and outdoor lighting application, such as driveways, pathways, flooring and wall lighting. It features a strong 316 stainless steel construction with toughened glass making. it suitable for both commercial and residential lighting applications.

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