LED Wall Washer Light

LED wall washer lights are rectangle lights that are used to light the buildings, mainly for decoration use. By using with the inner chips,say Cree chips, High Power chips .the LED wall washers can be in single color or RGB color;

LED Wall Washer Lights provides uniform indirect lighting that draws attention to a large area.
It is ideal for indoor decorative lighting and outdoor landscape Lighting. Illuminate walls, curtains, objects in a room, architectural;buildings, clubs, hotels, stages; or use for cove and accent lighting.
LED Wall Washers are the perfect way to create amazing colour lighting effects, With an RGB LED Wall washer system, 
Our RGB Colour Changing LEDs are robust, water resistant and second to none.
The high power LED wall washers are high power LED lights that are used for decorative lighting and highlight or wall washing.
LED wall washers can achieve a popular "wallwashing" lighting effect while consuming a minimal amount of power. LED wall washers are perfect for use on indoor and outdoor.
Wall washers are outdoor, commercial lights that are generally seen at airports, stadiums, factories, shopping malls and on billboards.  
The LED Wall Washer is a long multi-color or white wall wash, waterproof, a color LED light show in any bar, club, restaurant accent decorative.
We carry a wide variety of 24VDC LED Wall Washers for both indoor and outdoor LED Lighting projects.
Our outdoor wall washer Light are with below features:
 1)High quality die-casting aluminum light body,be oxidated,beauty and good heat dispersing performance;
 2)Sealing up the temepered glass with silastic and expoxy.ensure high grade waterproof;
 3)Using super-brightness and high power led chips, building-in constant crrent power supply driver;
 4)PMMA optical LENs,with beam angle 8°15°25°35°45°60°90°Acheve different floor request;
 5)Working voltage is DC24V/AC110-230V
 6)Single color with steady-on, Auto-control control color changes synchronously, DMX512 controllable system.
Building lighting 
Advertisment lighting 
Shopping mall lighting 
Billboards lighting 
Flooding for the landscope structure to outstanding building's character
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