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Greenough offers various interesting career opportunities in both the technical and administrative field for experienced specialists and for young professionals at the start of their career. We also provide in-house training in co-operation with universities and co-operative education facilities, work placement programs and opportunities for undergraduates to write their thesis while working for Greenough, as well as trainee programs.

Research and development play an important role at Greenough. Our continuous efforts to improve our product quality and expand our product range, and thus to further secure and strengthen our leading market position in the long run, have enabled us to continually supply technical innovations to our customers in the lighting, LED lighting applications industries. A further pillar of our success is close interaction between our Sales and Production departments. Worthy of a particular mention here are our short internal communication channels and decision-making processes.

Every day, our motivated employees, the Greenough specialists, continue to write Greenough’s success story and have been positively involved in designing our corporate culture since the company’s foundation in 2011.

Greenough will provide you, a future employee, with an ideal environment and ample opportunities to best use and improve both your factual knowledge and your qualifications, and to work in a team environment towards our common goal: the development of new ideas and the improvement of in-house processes.