LED Garden Light

Do you want to make your garden brighter and more welcoming with our fantastic range of outdoor garden LED lighting? We are a provider of high quality outdoor and garden lighting systems and solutions for your home. LED garden lights offer a cost effective way to bring a new eye-catching feature to life after dark. Why not check out our guide to LED garden Light?
And use Modern wall lights to traditional garden lanterns, to more functional floodlights.
The Garden Light is a  magic to your evening garden and light up your landscape with a LED Garden Lights. 
It adds shining colors and special lighting effects to your home garden.
Strong and durable LED spike lights suitable for outdoor use. Simple to install, no tools required. Powered by the mains supply. Emits a warm white light or RGB color.
LED garden lights can do miracles for the atmosphere in your garden, especially in winter!
We can supply all of your house and garden lighting requirements, from bollards and coach lanterns to groundlights and LED decking kits.
Being adopted with internal high power LEDs, the LED lawn light has many advantages, 
For instance, low power consumption, long lifespan (about 500, 000 hours), anti-shock, environment friendly, soft colors, high illuminence etc. 
The RGB color LED lawn light is composed with high power Red, Green, Blue color LED chips, which can be achieved many kinds of color output.
Being connected by 2-pins cables and controlled by internal 3 pins controller, the light can be achieved many lighting effects, 
for example, synchronous 7 color changing gradually, continuous changing etc.

With waterproof grade IP67 and working temprature of -20° C~45° C, the lawn light can be endurable the temprature & humidity difference, 
and the lawn light can be used extensively in decoration of the buildings, cultural place, park, amusement park and so on.

Greenough Enterprises Co., Ltd. is a professional LED Garden Light supplier. Please feel free to contact us for complete detail and date sheet.
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