LED Pool Light LED Spa light for your pools

LED Pool light and LED Spa Light for your pool

Usually there are many different pool lights for concret pool, fiberglass pool and vinyl pool.
Then we have concet pool light, fiberglass pool light and vinyl pool light for your option.

The inground pool light create a magical atmosphere in your pool with lights.

The Pool lights is with brighter lighting, save on electricity and set the color of your pool lights at your will.

It is easy to replace your current lights. our retro-fit pool lights are designed to be a direct replacement for all major brands of lights in concrete, fiberglass and vinyl pools.
You can even use your current wiring and transformer.

 LED lighting for your pool area will not only enable you to illuminate your unique space in a single or spectrum of colors,
but it will also save money over traditional halogen or fluorescent lighting. LED pool lighting is vastly more energy efficient,
 and can reduce energy usage by nearly 80%!
These modern LED lights use around 88% less energy than the older halogen counterparts. 
This upgrade will not only improve the looks of your pool, but it will considerably decrease the running costs of your electricity bill.


Give a brighter and modern look to your pool.
Set the color of your pool lights at will. 
Save on Electricity. Save up to 88% in electricity.
Simple to Upgrade. Easy to follow steps. Uses your current installation including the wiring and transformer.
Australian Made. Support our local jobs and get a quality and durable  product with great warranty.

Waterproof and submersible LED lights are changing the way we view pools. So much more is possible.

We use LED lights and you can choose from many different colours or white and the frames can also be matched to the decoration of your pool interior and also ask about our remote control lights which can be changed to eight different colours.

The LED multicoloured lighting system allows for a rotation of EIGHT different colours and can be controlled with a manual switch inside your house or with a remote control.

Let your pool be the light of your life at night. Pool lights are not just for summer. Turn your pool into a showpiece in your yard in the off season as well.

As one of the professional pool ligt China manufacturer and supplier, we are known for the value that we provide to pool owners (and pool builders), 

We devoted to develop, manufacture, and design the high quality LED lighting to all over the world.  
We focused and committed to our customer's satisfaction.
Our products include LED PAR56 Swimming Pool Light, LED wall mounted swimming pool light, LED Vinyl pool light, LED Fiberglass pool light, LED Underground Light, LED In-ground light
LED Floor Light, LED Stair Light,  LED Wall Washer, LED Landscape Light, LED Garden Light, LED Strip Light,
 LED Fountain Light, LED Underwater light, LED Flood Light , LED linear light , LED Project spot Light etc.
LED Fountain light LED Underwater light

If you have any inquiry, please feel free to contact us. we will try to help you to solve it out.